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Where to buy?

We sell our applications using two different methods, to reach the most audience possible. Below, you'll find a comparison list of the differences. Choosing is up to you!

Mac App Store

We offer apps carefully crafted for the Mac App Store. Most of our apps are available through this platform. While Apple Security policy restrict most of the powerful features of our apps, you can count on Apple reliability for payments and a centralized updates system.

Our Store

Some of our apps are also available outside of the Mac App Store, using our online store. There, you'll find the most powerful versions of our apps, sometimes referred as Pro. You'll also get First Class Support and Priority Updates for free.

Where should you buy?

Feature Mac App Store Our Store
Try before you buy Feature-limited
Lite version
Demo version
Read reviews of other users built-in from other websites
Update System using the App Store built-in
Volume Purchases Discounts available available
Sandbox Security required by Apple when possible
Powerful Features available if not restricted by Sandbox always
Business Entity from which you buy Apple, Inc. Paddle
Purchase Methods see this page Credit/Debit Card, PayPal
Purchase History available available
Number of maximum activations 5 5
In-App Purchase available not available
Priority Updates not available included in base price
First Class Support not available included in base price
Days of delay to get new updates depends on Apple approval process none (thanks to Priority Updates)
Standard number of days to get support 3-4 working days less than 1 day (thanks to First Class Support)

These are the main differences. If you're still concerned about where to buy, refer to our Support page!

What are Priority Updates and First Class Support?

Users that purchases apps using our store will benefits of two services for free!

Priority Updates

Priority Updates

As soon as an application is ready to be released, users with the version coming from our store will immediately receive the update. Mac App Store users will receive the same update, if allowed by Apple rules, as soon as Apple approves it.

First Class Support

First Class Support

Purchasing an app from our store gives you instant access to the First Class Support from InerziaSoft! This means that if you need support and contact us, we'll get back to you in less than 1 day. You can also contact us to ask for new features and to give suggestions that will be taken into account by the Development Team immediately!

Users that do not have First Class Support, will receive a response in 2-3 working days (depending on the traffic of our Support Network) and their suggestions will be inserted in the features queue of the application.