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Privacy Policy

last updated on 3/23/2015

We offer various services that, to work properly, require to receive and record certain data. When you provide us with information, we will use it only for purposes that are strictly related to the service you have requested.

In this document, you will be able to find:

Collected Data

We collect your personal data to manage our relations with you. We do not collect, for any reason, data or information that might allow us to identify you, without your consent. We collect data in two ways:

How we use your data

The data we collect are used strictly for the purposes indicated by each service: the data you provide to us when applying for a service are collected and stored only to contact you and to carry out the task you requested. We do not sell, or distribute, in any manner, the information you provide. If you agree, we may use the name or logo of your company (if applicable) to advertise our service. The information you provide during a request to our Technical Support Team is used solely for the purposes of the assistance needed to solve you problem. We do not receive or collect in any way the information coming from the advertising channels we use. In addition, we have no way to control which data are recorded. We also cannot access to the data recorded by the App Store of the various platforms and by Paddle.

Options, transparency and freedom of choice

Every person has different concerns regarding privacy. InerziaSoft wants to be clear and transparent to the user, therefore we offer the following options:

Data Security

We use all the possible precautions to record your data in a secure way, protected from unauthorised access. The database where we will record your information is encrypted (when possible) and is not publicly available. Only InerziaSoft can access such data.

Changes to this document

Our Privacy Policy document may be subject to minor or major changes at any time. The commencement of these changes is determined by the time when this document is updated (the last update date is printed below the title of the document). If we consider that the modifications made are very important, we will alert you through our communication channels (Facebook, Twitter and Google+).